I'll always have a soft spot for opensuse, the first Linux distro I tried, circa 2005

@opensuse Nice to see more and more free software projects joining the fediverse 😀

@opensuse Welcome and have fun! What will be posted with this account?

@julian To get started we're posting mostly the same stuff as on the Birdsite. We'll see what people over here prefer and adapt our content accordingly.

@Sdfendor Yet again? We've been on the desktop for decades now... 😉

@opensuse Debian's been here in the fedi for year 😃

@aran Debian has been here since circa 2010. Back then it was debian (at) quitter.se.

@opensuse I remember following Debian when I was on GNUsocial some years back, but 2010?!?! I had no idea the fediverse had been around so long!

@aran Yeah, Fediverse started in 2008 with laconica, followed by identica/statusnet which became GNU Social. (Sounds like grandpa is telling stories here... 😉)

@opensuse @aran I remember identica, but back then I wasn't interested in social networks at all.
@opensuse @aran and what woulb be the exact debian fediverse account, s.v.p.?
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