Been a week+ on GNOME and even though I like it, I am itching to get back to my darling Plasma.

But before I do I want to contribute somehow. That is part of this, if that is "file a proper bug report", or "create something to be used" - I don't care.

Contributing is key. It is the best way to say "thank you" and everyone can contribute.

The issue is what. I want to supply a suggestion for a fix adding the "Automatically Connect to VPN" in Network Manager - which is probably what I go for, need to read up a bit more on their HIG to see I am not suggesting something completely insane visual wise.

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@alatiera weird question: is it possible (from a noobs (ie "me") POV to open an existing GNOME section (Networkmanager, Openvpn settings) in Glade to edit that directly?

(sry for singling you out, you where the first GNOME dev I found :) )

@ohyran @alatiera you kinda can but only if the app you're looking at is done in Glade. It's been a long time since I've looked at it though.

@ohyran Yes and no, it depends on the project most of the time.

That was one of the goals of glade but the adoption of the workflow varies between projects. Its a mix of bugs and technical issues that are to this day kinda of a roadblock to it.

The general design workflow these days involves Inkscape mockups. There's an assets repo with svg widgets or such that assist.

This is out of my league but @tbernard will most likely happy to help.

@alatiera @tbernard
Hmm I actually think I know where this is... thank you ♥

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