What's up with the two Tor Browsers on F-Droid? Same version nr.

Alpha is almost 60MB, other is 42.4MB.
Same description. Both claims to depend on OrBot. I uninstalled in (yet another) space constrained situation, but the browsers run anyway.

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Something is not right there, I can't find any Tor browser on F-Droid and I don't remember Tor project talking about it

Tor Project's handling of Tor on Android has become a disorganized mess. No one there seems to have a clue how to implement a useful Tor for Android. Guardian Project had the right idea with separate Orbot and Orfox. Then Tor Project took over and it's been a clusterfuck of idiocy ever since. First they screwed up Orbot, then Tor Browser for Android. Utter senseless chaos, and Dingledine doesn't seem to know what's going on or give a damn.

@kot @neb I've also been wondering what's going on. I get that the Tor Project wants to simplify the process but the integration into the browser has always clunky. I still prefer the old desktop client + polipo (?) or whatever that proxy application was called.

Tor on Linux is excellent, imo. Everything is as secure as possible while remaining convenient, easy, and practical to use. Tor on Android used to be equally as nice under Guardian Project's watch. But under Tor Project, Tor on Android is now impractical to use even when it works. What a mess! I don't think Dingledine would knowingly allow this. My impression is that someone has him snowed under with sanctimonious BS about it.

@kot @neb
I only wanted to say I preferred having it as a seperate proxy application, the way it used to be. It's fine as is, though, and I use it all the time.

Ones on the fdroid repo the other on guardian projects repo.
Think the different sizes are for different architectures. If you look at the versions it gives details.

Yeah, probably the two repos.
But size still a mystery - same arch.

@neb actually what I said was rubbish. I somehow got a bit confused. There doesnt appear to be anything on fdroid, only guardian repo.
The one labeled alpha is ahead.
apk sizes for the same version for the same arch appear close to the same size....

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