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#LibreOffice is a way to make Microsoft an irrelevant company. At least it's a first step !

@libreoffice #LibreOffice is an office suite I can always rely on no matter what platform I use. It'll open any word document I throw at it

@libreoffice #libreoffice is the best office suite ! OpenSource and great community !

@libreoffice I love #libreoffice because of the open format. With other software you need to buy every update and anyway it is not compatible...



#LibreOffice is one of my closest "software-friends" with the GIMP, since the ancient times it was once called StarOffice. I've seen it becoming more and more efficient as it grew more and more free, and of course the LibreOffice branch was my favourite.
I can't even remember when I used another office suite - even my employer uses it now.
Keep on the good work ! Thanks.

@libreoffice is a healthy way of thinking. User/community first. LibreOffice for the win! 😍

@libreoffice I love #libreoffice since it uses open standards and it's free. And since #odt and its sisters can be used via #colabora in a #nextcloud environment it's the perfect fit for #OpenSource on and offline use....

@libreoffice I love LO because it is an easy door to lead people through to show them the power and beauty of open source. I haven't yet convinced my family to dump Windows for Linux or Facebook for Mastodon, but I've gotten many of them off MS Word. LO made that easy!

@libreoffice #LibreOffice is the best office suite IMHO. It works on any OS, and can open every document. I use it mainly to edit spreadsheets (with Calc) and PDFs (with Draw), and I used it for some reports in the past.

@libreoffice I love #LibreOffice because it is based on truly free standards, uses patent-free and open document formats and is therefore future proof for generations to come.

@libreoffice #libreoffice because it doesn't make any sense to pay for Software you only rent for a year... 😃

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