@en just curious, did you get a webmention for this? I have it setup on my blog, but I’ve never actually tested it. Hopefully you did. 😊

Yes, I got a webmention! I always get a notification on Telegram when a new webmention comes in. 🤓 But I don’t know if Mastodon shows a notification for my reply. 🤔

@en something is wonky in my setup I think, as I didn’t get one from you. 😕

@kev @en

I have a question about full posts in feeds. In case either of you can assist.

I want to do this, have done this in the past on blog platforms. I agree 100%.

But now I'm generating my own RSS and... I can't figure out how to do it.

What element do rss readers expect the article to be in? I just dump the full post in description?

It's not mentioned in the spec but it's obviously a done thing, but is there an accepted standard way to do it?

@jamie @kev @en

thanks, I'd been hunting around. Some do that (think I will too) and some add a <content> element.

@basil Actually, I'm lying. Wordpress puts the first paragraph in description and the rest in content.

@kev @en

@jamie @kev @en

I went with dumping the full content in the description tag. Hopefully that doesn't break feed readers. Haven't used one in about 10 years.

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