After publishing my setup guide, a couple of people asked me whether they can host on shared hosting.

TL;DR - Yes!

Here's how:

@kev worth adding a note on enabling e2e encryption right after install. without that on a shared hosting setup basically you are putting your data at the mercy of sysadmins of the host... so without encryption you can consider using a shared host equal to making your content public.

@kev but Nextcloud can add a lot of server performance hit so your account can be closed by hosting company.

@maigonis absolutely. The responsibility is on the person setting it up to check that out.

@kev I just used your setup guide to install a #Nextcloud server on a shared hosting platform, couldn't be easier! Thanks! 👍

@kev Many thanks for the guide, it helped me to get started (and get the courage to do it). Worked almost like a charm. If enabling "Server-side encryption", one must make sure to read documentation @ (both to avoid functional errors of not being able to upload files and to understand the security ramifications).

@kev One more thing... Thanks for your advice on which shared hosting providers to choose. Mine ( was assigning namely ridiculously low amount of memory, so you can imagine how features like talk or gallery have (not) worked. I'm strongly considering moving my domain over to them.

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