A black pyramid, impenetrable to scans, appears in a library and starts growing. Anyone who gets too close is transported to an alternate reality where myths are real and physical science doesn't work as we expect it.

Trying to remember the series of novels. Anyone?

Electricity stops working. Planes fall out of the air over New York City. Fire no longer burns the color we're accustomed too. Then people start to change into something else. A quest follows, eventually leading the heroes to a secret physics lab under the Black Hills.

The author's name started with a Z and had far too many consonants.

Trying to remember the series of novels. Anyone?

@starbreaker Nope. Turns out it's Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Hambly.

The first novel in the series is Magic Time.

@beadsland @starbreaker oooh I need to see if my local library has this 🙂

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