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@diodelass If Matrix is out, that pretty well only leaves XMPP, which I'm a big fan of but which everyone treats as all but dead. There are mobile apps for XMPP too, but I think they don't do voice/video well (if at all).

@stjohn FWIW, I don't think Matrix is completely out as a protocol, but the current client scene is crap. I'll be watching it with interest to see when that changes.

@diodelass @stjohn I’ve just seen this, but check
I’m using Wire now, slowly trying to convince friends and my wife to use it.

@ignitionigel @diodelass Thanks for the tip — I hadn't heard of Wire before, but this actually looks pretty good.

@stjohn @diodelass it’s by far the nicest app I’ve used also. I’ve got it on android, iOS, windows and Ubuntu.

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