I'm trying to understand how works. (Yes, I know it's electron, inefficient, and non-FOSS, but I have to use it with a new organization.)

I've heard it described as email but less asynchronous, because it pulls in instant messaging features. And I've heard it described as email but *more* asynchronous because it doesn't push notifications unless you @ someone.

So, which is it? Or both/neither?

What do I need to know coming to Slack from email?

@codesections Notifications depend on how the user has set their notification preferences. Most people set it to only notify them of @mentions and direct messages though. Not sure how it can be described as email though. It's a chatroom.

@joseph but it has DMs, right? The line between email that's delivered instantly and chat DMs that provide notifications to an offline recipient seems kind of fuzzy

@joseph @codesections its a chat program. And a walled in one at that. I really don’t get the fuss, they’ve obviously done an awesome job marketing to businesses.
I’m in a hobby group that uses it, which I find super weird.

@ignitionigel @codesections it's a great chat for business. I used it for a few years. I'm using Mattermost now though.

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