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hrrmmmm, mebbe I should look at this later. Much later, as I'm a bit busy at the mo... how did you get on @kev, have you looked at a Pi yet?

@ignitionigel not had time yet, unfortunately. I think if I do anything with the pi, it'll be a VPN or a Pi hole.

@kev fair enough, completely understand that 😁 Funnily enough I’ve just done both of those using DietPi. Was fairly painless even for a rookie like me.

@ignitionigel DietPi? That's a new one on me.

@kev @ignitionigel +1 for the PiHole. I set one up a few weeks ago and loved it. Easy setup, no issues since then, and vastly fewer trackers

Nigel @ignitionigel

@codesections @kev DietPi is a wrapper interface for apt effectively. Quite a nice image.