Got a new telephone for my home. I mean, it surely only costs 5 minutes to install, right?
It has cost me 3hours of my friday evening. After that I unexpected fell asleep on my couch and just woke up at 6am.

I'm getting old.

@Cando 3 hours.... 🙄

😁 So is there a good story to go with that?

@ignitionigel A broken cable (I was unaware of for a while), very old firmware, unspecific notifications, dead links in the settings, UI from the '90.

And this thing isn't even sooo old...

I did it! :-)

@ignitionigel Telephones and printers are my arch enemys. I hate them.

@Cando I hear ya. I set up up a ATA for my wife's voip lines - one is set up as a T.38 fax line to a HP Printer/Fax, I reckon it took me around 10 hours to get working.

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