Ugh, one last thing keeping me from leaving windows for good.. and wine failed me...*sigh* why oh why can Starcraft not be ported to Linux? again.. anyone have any ideas? I am out of all ideas.

@d4klutz I had a look for a Snap or Flatpak unsuccessfully, I wonder if it's worth talking to this person:

I wonder if I could get tuning software working on there hmm....

@ignitionigel Thanks! I will give that a whirl.. i hope it works

@d4klutz Yeah I really have to partition and set up dual boot now, I was putting it off, but that looks like it might be handy....

@ignitionigel The base app is what I keep having issues with.. it kept crashing.. im installing it right now through flatpak
if this works, I owe you a beer :-)

@ignitionigel ugh, now i have another problem.. i think i just made dependency hell LOL

runtime/org.winepak.Platform/x86_64/3.0 not installed

I think that means i need wine 3.0 and I have version 3.22 *sigh*

@ignitionigel LOL, its ok.. thanks for your assistance.. i got further than I would have.. I am just not sure which release of 3.0 to grab.. as all of them are for older ubuntu releases.. and im on Mint19
I got the one that supports Mint19
I think I will try to contact that flatpak guy and see what he can do to help

@d4klutz not really assistance, I'm just handy with duckduckgo lol.
I'm really keen to see it working, as it'll help when I migrate fully over one day 😁

@ignitionigel I still owe you a beer though.. i am one step closer to getting it running on linux..

I do like beer. Whisky more though 😁
Enough reward will be seeing it working, though I appreciate the sentiment. :opensource:

@ignitionigel whiskey, a man after my own heart.. I love a good bourbon whiskey.. im not a fan of scotch whiskey, unfortunately. I have tried to like it.. but the peat moss just gets to me. LOL

@d4klutz There's a lot I don't like... I used to be bourbon all the way, then I tried Suntory Whisky from Japan. Man that is so smooth, that's my drop of choice now, on the rocks.

@ignitionigel I will have to try that.. thought the liquor stores here in East Texas seem to have a much more limited selection.

I will definitely look up the Suntory and try it :-)

@ignitionigel Yes, it seems to be working so far.. it now has me downloading the actual game... Blizzard app is working beautifully, and i was able to login to my acct and get a blizzard update on the client.

@ignitionigel i do appreciate your help. @Wishdream actually pointed me to Lutris.

@d4klutz oh sweet, I must have missed that. I completely forgot about it until just now 😊

@wishdream @ignitionigel Starcraft Remastered is now running, including the network gaming portion! I finished the download and install this morning and tested.. I am super stoked! Thank you both for your help.

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