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I'm working on a series of demos for themes, and just finished with the first one (going alphabetically):


I'm hoping that I'll be able to get these incorporated into the official theme repository, but even if they're not, I hope they'll be a good reference for people looking to see what they can accomplish with / static site generators

@emsenn, might be of interest

@codesections @emsenn now that is a theme I like... a lot!

@h4ck3r9 For clarification, what @codesections did was write a tutorial of how to get a website with that theme going; they didn't write the theme, that was done by @keats[0]


@emsenn @h4ck3r9 @codesections I really like that too, looks very much like what is used on

@ignitionigel @h4ck3r9 @codesections For further clarity, the Gutenberg theme Keats made is based on a theme for Hugo:

(That blog is done using Hugo, so I bet they're using the same theme, not just that they look similar.)