Question to the


What is it that makes a great 'homebased personal cloud'?

What do you want from a 'cloud box'? Is Nextcloud your thing? A NAS? Something else?

If someone were to build and sell a personal cloud box that is plug 'n play, what do you expect or want?

I know what I would want, but I just wonder if I'm weird. 😃


@poetgrant Speed and reliability are my jam. gigabit nic(s) and fast read/write speed along with some sort of redundancy or possibility of a raid in the future.

@d4klutz @poetgrant The Odroids satisfy the gigabit nic and fast read/write. So far reliabilty has been great for me as well. Only the one sata interface but they are designed to be stackable so you can run two of them on order to have some redundancy.

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