@d4klutz DDG's response seems completely honest and likely true to me. The original accusation didn't really have any proof in the first place. Just that a browser extension that's supposed to detect fingerprinting thinks that it is. DDG gave a detailed and plausible explanation about why it is a false positive.

@kelbot I agree. after reading that, I feel better, but I was unsure at first. which is why I posted here. brighter minds would know. lol

In your first toot you referred to a post on soylentnews. They referred to a discussion in whonix. There was the original claim, but also a prompt denial by another poster who works for DDG. Soylentnews should have mentioned both the claim and the denial.

@d4klutz on topic: if people are worried, they can always use ddg with tor and with javascript/canvas disabled. the site will still work and there are no captchas preventing access for these people
@wowaname @d4klutz their hidden service is often slow as hell. So you should probably just use the clearnet adress if you don't want to wait like a minute for every search
@snacks @d4klutz ya i refrained from saying "use the onion". you can use tor without going through the onion

@d4klutz we all know programs like the one that detected this detect false positives all the time, the anti virus industry is built on false positives, so people should have been skeptics about the story from the beginning. That said I have realised that being reliant on one search engine perhaps isn’t that smart and perhaps I should rotate so I’ve added StartPage into the mix. Might check out searx.me too

@d4klutz makes sense to me.

DDG also has a JavaScript-free version which kicks in when you visit their site with NoScript on, and has most of the functionality of the JS-enabled version.

I find that pretty impressive and kudos-worthy.

I wonder why they couldn't jus use CSS media queries instead. But maybe they have a good reason... it's not like I've made any website containing more than 5 lines of JS, so dunno what kinda issues there are...

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