please ignore my ignorance and if anyone know, please tell me what this sticker means.

@kungtotte @d4klutz No, that's just a bunch of harmless emojis.

Please do try to execute it in a bash shell.

@kungtotte @d4klutz @codesections My Cliff's Notes version:

Image is a bit old and doesn't use the pipe, so it may not be as harmful, but the explanation is reasonably concise.

that's a fork bomb. if run from a unix shell, it will spawn new processes until either it hits the ulimit or your kernel runs out of pids

@d4klutz it's a fork bomb. If you run it in your shell, it will consume all the computer's resources and slow/crash it

@d4klutz This call creates a function named „:“ which calls itself recursively once on the left side of the '|'. the pipe keeps the first call open expecting some input from the right side. On the right side the function gets called a second time. The '&' starts it as a background process. The ';' ends the line and ':' starts this so called „Forkbomb“. Because each function is kept alive expecting some input, you run out of memory eventually.

@d4klutz Correction: The right call expects input from the left of course. 🙈

@felix @geekygent @d4klutz not strictly. However, hitting the function itself recursively twice ensures it'll fork exponentially, not just overflow the stack

@ajroach42 @d4klutz Yeh I think so; it's defining the function called ':' that takes no parameters, but then runs another instance of itself piping the output to another instance of itself in the background; and tehn runs itself. I think.

@d4klutz I am pretty sure that that is a fork bomb written in bash scripting language. You can search on those terms for more info if you'd like.

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