It's absolutely scary how tight a grip Facebook Inc. has on social lives in our societies.

I have neither a Facebook nor a WhatsApp account, but I can feel on a daily basis how small a minority I belong to.

If my wife didn't have WhatsApp either, I'd be pretty much cut off from social life, because currently the communication with our common friends happens almost exclusively there.

And ironically, even mildly anti-capitalist climate activists communicate all their activities via Facebook.

@colomar I feel you.
I still have both but enter facebook about twice a year. Whatsapp I use daily because I'm not married 😂

@wranvaud Yeah, I probably would use WhatsApp too if I weren't married. Sure, I could communicate with other geeks around the world by other means, but none of those live anywhere near me, so I'd probably end up completely devoid of any real-life contact between FOSS events.
We've become effectively dependent on a single - pretty bad! - company, allowing them to do whatever they want.
We live in a dystopia of corporate control, and nobody cares, not even anarchists!

@colomar Same here. People think I'm such an alien for it, I think I may have started to believe them.

@colomar I think they were like that all along - suburbs I mean, yappin on the phone etc - which is what FB facilitates, and no more - attempt more and they kick you off - they constantly threaten me and after all these years they may act

@johnbessa I'm part of a climate activist group which isn't the way you describe, but we still use Facebook to tell the public about our actions, because "that's where people are". And it kinda makes sense from a "reaching the most people with the least effort" perspective, but of course it further cements Facebook's influence on society.

And with WhatsApp, it's just _everybody_ using it, except really hardcore leftists or geeks.

@colomar what do you mean by "which isn't the way you describe?"

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