For those out there that have switched to Linux/FOSS for their primary OS and are gamers. How do you let go? I’m struggling to just admit that I won’t be playing the latest and greatest straight away but is there any mechanisms you have used to just not go back to windows? Should I pick up another hobby?


@zidanerick I play mostly indie games now because
1) They are usually more innovative than AAA game
2) Most of them run natively on Linux.

Plus, thanks to Steam Play aka Proton, more and more Windows games now run on Linux.

@colomar @zidanerick

> Proton

…which is just Wine, as far as I understand it. Anyway, Steam is deeply uncool, I'd rather use

@utf8equalsX It's based in WINE, but extends it in some ways. It's more comparable to PlayOnLinux. seems a bit too indie for me. None of the games I like and just searched for are on it.
If I'm gonna play proprietary games, I might as well do it in a proprietary client.
And Steam has done a lot for Linux gaming lately. We Linux gamers wouldn't be where we are without it.

@colomar @zidanerick Well, doesn't really work well when you want to find specific games, it's more use when trying to find some new stuff.

@utf8equalsX For people who want to play proprietary games but don't want to run a proprietary client with built-in DRM to play them, I'd recommend the Humble Store. They have a massive selection of really good games and you can download them DRM-free if their developer / publisher allows it.
Or GOG if you are more of a retro gamer.

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