> it’s no secret that the Rust fandom has a few overexcited members who feel compelled to enlighten every lost soul about the virtues of the Crab-God.


Don't be that person! (even though rust is pretty great) :D


From the same article: (kristoff.it/blog/why-go-and-no)

> Go is a better Java / C#, while Rust … is a better C++, and even if you occasionally hear that Go is a better C, well, that’s just not the case.… If you want a better C, take a look at Zig.

That hits at a big part of what I don't like about —I just don't have a use case for a better (partly because I'm not a large enterprise)

It pains me admit the second half—about being C++ rather than C—but that's probably right too

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