v0.2.0 of my CLI app, mnemonic, is now up. I significantly refactored the UI to use sub-commands instead of flags/options for the basic commands, which makes the whole UI a bit more ergonomic. For example, you can now run `mn rm -f notes` to delete the mnemonic named 'notes' without a confirmation dialogue.

This version also adds command-line flags to specify the syntax highlighting language and to output plaintext instead of highlighted text if you prefer.

@codesections just a thought here, but maybe make that example rm command 'remove' instead of rm. I'm envisioning a typo'd command accidentally deleting an important file instead of a note in your program, especially if it has similar flags to actual rm. That's a low probability though, so YMMV

Hmm, yeah, I can see that risk. I was modeling the UI on git and pass, which have `git rm` and `pass rm`. But I guess you're pretty likely to be in a git repo if you meant to run `git rm` and ran `rm` by mistake, so that has a bit more protection. Hmm…

On the other hand, `mn` doesn't have an `-r` flag, so the danger is limited to deleting single files—and only if you happen to have a file with the same name as a mnemonic in your current directory at the moment you make that typo.

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