I never did like the way USB c cables were implemented. They pretty much suck.

Your new Raspberry Pi 4 won't power on? USB-C cable problem now officially confirmed

The Pi's co-creator Eben Upton says that not every USB-C cable will power the Pi.


@randynose from a structural perspective USB-C is horrible. USB's are annoying ("oh is this the right way? No its the other way? No it was the first way") but they don't bend or break as easily as USB-C that basically break if you look at them funny.


@ohyran @randynose USB-C is needed and has some good ideas, but needs another revision and better support right now.

@boblmartens @ohyran @randynose back in 95 unified serial bus was exciting! they said 'what do I need that for?' like they said 'what do I need email for?' in 89... by now I thot it would be all wireless, plugins by 2000, internal by 2002 (what happened?)

@johnbessa @boblmartens @ohyran
Oh, no. I wanted USB to replace all of the serial and IRQ BS that was going on then. And things were fine with USB 1,2, and 3.
USB C is a different animal. It is problematic, you can fry hardware with the wrong cable or vise versa.
As for how to plug in a USB cable. I found it's pretty simple, as the holes go on the top. So long as you can figure out which way is up on the computer.

@randynose @boblmartens @ohyran creepy google tells me " two-fold rotationally-symmetrical connector" same up and down? looks even more vulnerable than the previous - all they needed to do was standardize the little picture for up and down - no hope for china (as an empire, 35 distinct cultures? my peeps)

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