This is what I expected. Long live MythTV and the successors. (Can record now with Plex... sounds to me like Plex should start selling dedicated TiVo competitor devices)

Also have you tried to watch stuff on YouTube lately? The number of ads now makes it feel like TV. Awful.

@feld I have no ads with on Android 😎
And I think also doesn't show ads on the desktop. And with @fedilab I can automatically convert YouTube links to which get opened by NewPipe πŸ’ͺ😎 (and Twitter links to which opens them within a second or two ✌️)

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@RyuKurisu @fedilab I mean watching it on a TV. Who watches long videos on mobile? That would drive me nuts
@hj @RyuKurisu @fedilab @feld

no, usually i catch up on stuff related to things i am doing.
@hj @RyuKurisu @fedilab @feld

in fairness my last iPhone had an IP68 rating and I intentionally dunked it in water to see, but honestly these days even the mid-range phones are IP68.

imo anyone who buys an iPhone 11 is an idiot

@feld well, I've also got a tablet luckily. And I don't know if something like Pi-Hole would solve that problem, but it's worth investigating IMHO.

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