Completed PCBs for prototype ("Brave Heart" batch) ! They will be paired with their LCDs in about two weeks (next week is a Chinese holiday).

What to do with these pcb ?

Attach a lcd to form bare bone phone ?


@noorul These are PCBs which will go into our first batch of PinePhones. They will be sold as complete phones, though without an OS (more info at

A mobile phone without OS as default is something new for us



Thanks for explanation.

I've been waiting for #Pinephone for some time.

Librem 5 is not my price range.


@PINE64 @noorul hopefully pine64 can contribute any info/code needed to make sure PostmarketOS works with this phone (with upstream kernel, drivers, etc.) and has full install docs. Ubuntu Touch and GrapheneOS would be nice too, if they're compatible.

@PINE64 hello. I'm wondering if a developer can still order one? I sent in a developer enquiry some weeks ago, but got no response. In fact, a "no" would be a better response than radio silence. Thank you!

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