Goodmorning !

Three years ago I got this amazing opportunity to work for a non-profit and transform their IT dept, using as much as possible. 28-year old me got to design, implement and manage all this cool tech and build an actual IT department. A year ago we migrated to a new self-hosted environment. Huge freedom, lots of responsibility.

Today I'm taking a first step to assess how our IT dept is functioning. The foundation is solid, but some parts def need more attention.

@11112011 Haha if you're referring to me, I'm still gonna be 30 for a while.

@el_joa Thanks :) I've been a bit stuck under the workload and stress of the job, but sort of realized yesterday what a cool opportunity this job really is. And that I have to keep building.


Oh, yes, I have seen you struggling sometimes and really hope that you take good care of yourself! (and maybe reach out for help when appropriate.)

@Gina that sounds so cool! That must have been quite some ride for last three years.

@tuturto I think it cost me 5 years of my life 😅

But yeah it really is! It's been an amazing opportunity that I've been squandering a bit lately, because I was feeling tired. I think it's time to critically assess where we are and where we want to be next year, and start building that.

@Gina I remember you talking about that.
It's hard to maintain balance when working with big things one cares about deeply.
But it's also super-cool to work with something meaningful and actually leave your mark there in the end.

@Gina We can already congratulate you for all the work you've done ! The task must not be easy, nothing is totally perfect, but you are on the right basis in terms of both substance and form 🖖🤓

@Gina Congrats !

It must be an exhausting and passionating job at the same time 👍

@Gina is there any interview of yours published somewhere? I'd like to read more about your journey, I sense would be very inspirational

@riveck Thanks! Nope, no interview anywhere, but someday I will start a vlog about it. Once I get over the sound of hearing my own voice 😅

What an opportunity! Congrats on what you've built so far, an amazing journey I'm sure; keep building, keep learning, we're here to support you 😀
And yet - the best is yet to come..

@Gina Good morning and congratulations. With great power comes great responsibility 🙂

True words.

@Gina this is amazing -> " transform their IT dept, using as much #FOSS as possible". What a rare thing to see to me, Gina. Good luck, and I would love to see your progress here at Mastodon and I believe many people would love that too.

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