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Vim 9 (and the new version of Vim Script) has been released!

I appreciate the steps being taken, but I'm still quite worried about the long term sustainability of Vim. I plan on sticking with neovim for the time being.

Getting A/C installed in my house today! Unfortunately it's just after the first heat wave of the summer, but I'm stoked either way.

uspol / cursing 

Fuck this.

People who can become pregnant no longer have agency to make choices about their body. Decided on by a bunch of dudes. What sort of dystopian bullshit are we living in.

And this sets a chilling precedent for the supreme court to overturn other state laws and basic human rights.

This quarter I get to take a website from a 20ish performance score in lighthouse to >= 85.

It's like power washing for the web. Pretty stoked to get into it. Will post learnings along the way.

Rediscovering my love for RSS. Getting rid of reddit has never been easier.

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Something felt wrong when I found myself searching for bulletproof backpacks for when my son is old enough to go to school.

I've started to seriously consider moving to another country. Parents shouldn't have to worry about this stuff.

I have a bit of a warping problem...

Printing in a cool basement has some challenges.

Steve Wozniak gave a talk at my company's conference today. He spent a decent amount of time shitting on Tesla cars and it was pretty entertaining.

He also had some great insight into the engineering industry. I'll try to dig up a video of the talk after I get some rest.

I learned with this book, which was fantastic for me, but I worry it's a bit dry for some:

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There's a good chance I'm going to need to teach some folks .

I've used it a bit in my career and really like the language, but it's been a while since I've written anything.

Does anyone have a recommendation for learning resources?

I'm getting on an airplane for the first time in two years today. A bit nervous about it. Fortunately it should be a short flight.

I swear I'm still here, I'm just lurking.

Like most social networks, I'm excited to post at first and then I revert to my introverted ways. Fortunately Fosstodon features topics I like and nice people, I'll try to contribute when I can!

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There's a new version of Ubuntu, but I've recently been thinking about trying out NixOS :nixos:. I like the concepts and it seems like it would appeal to the tinkerer in me.

Does anyone have experience with it? Is it hard to set up? And can I get a system sorted out in a VM before I install it for real on my machine?

Packing for a weekend trip to the beach is a lot different now that I have a 7 month old kid. Gone are the days of tossing some clothes in a bag and walking out the door.

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I'm pleased to note that even, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

With the addition of the local timeline, the official Mastodon app is worth checking out for regular use!

You can find it by going to search (🔎) and then "Community". There are some other interesting feeds in the search screen too.

Stoked to see so many new accounts on Mastodon (and Fosstodon)!

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