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I kinda want to try out XMPP and compare it to Matrix (which I have, but don't love).

I also don't have anyone to talk to. Maybe I should stick with IRC 😂


Currently hung over. Again. It's a Wednesday night / Thursday morning. This is becoming a little too common for my liking and I think I need a break from the sauce.

Mentioning it here because previous attempts have been unsuccessful and I'm hoping that sharing keeps me honest.

Huzzah! I was able to set up my plugin to be developed in Python instead of vimL.

After some basic research, it seems like most distributions of vim are compiled with +python3 enabled. There are also some popular plugins that utilize it.

I would have loved to use Lua, but it seems less widely available (especially on non-neovim).

This article that came up on Hacker News is funny and a little terrifying:

I wonder if this is what the future looks like: codes everywhere just waiting for someone to scan. Phishing would be a whole new beast.

Starting work on a vim plugin... vimscript sucks to work with, but it's really helped me learn the editor better.

Switching from todoist (which is great) back to tasks synced to my NextCloud instance (which is better). Getting all the same features and it's :nextcloud:

Just a reminder: it's April fool's day. Don't trust the internet.

I mean, you probably shouldn't trust a lot of the internet on other days too...but especially today.

Micro rant 

If you use severity numbers 1-5 to categorize an incident, with 1 being the absolute worst case scenario for your software, don't say something is a "sev 0"

Just because you think it's important doesn't mean we need to sidestep our process. In my mind, sev 0 is a meteor that took out an entire country. Not fixing a redirect to the sign up page.

I want a wordle clone that's bash one-liners. Give me the output and let me guess what commands are used between 4 pipes.

I've really started to appreciate the limitations of how to write go code.

Javascript gives me a lot of rope and I often use it to hang myself. My last project was functional and very "clever" - every new feature was a puzzle and I doubt I'll be able to read it in a few months.

I rewrote the same code in go. It may be a few more lines, but it's easy to read and much easier to extend.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a non-toxic Lemmy instance?

Very subjective, but I found to be a tad too political.

After all the recent GitHub outages, my interest in self-hosting has been rekindled. I've already got a instance for the web, but I've been considering setting up

Wow is nice to work with! The tooling is fantastic and the standard library covers most (if not all) of my needs.

Ooooh if Okta was compromised, work is going to be a sh*t show tomorrow!

> Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday, and you're not feelin' real well, does anyone ever say to you, "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays"?

The Battlesnake spring league wrapped up last week and I did...terribly. I forgot to add an uptime monitor / alert to my server and therefore didn't realize it was offline for a few days 😩

I think I'm going to rewrite everything in Go for summer league. I've been meaning to get more comfortable with the language and I've got a few weeks to refresh.

Hahaha murder*

I need to start proofreading my toots before sending them out

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Aw fudge. I've got 3 hours to come up with a nuder mystery whodoneit.

Saw this on our walk home from the brewery.

Don't feed dat cat 😺

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