I didn't realize Google was killing off Stadia (not surprised tho). They're even issuing refunds for folks who paid for it...not a great look.

Turns out lua is kinda awesome for extending neovim with new features.

I was able to add some custom diagnostics to show up in my jest test files to show whether each test passed or failed (with a hover tooltip showing the failure reason).

I'll drop some code once it's cleaned up.

I had already switched from my Fitbit to my PineTime, but all these Casio watches have me wondering if I should jump on the bandwagon...

@mjdxp have you ever noticed that the letter C and the lowercase letter A (a) can look pretty similar. Especially with a little line drawn on the right side 😒

Registration is now open for the fall league: blog.battlesnake.com/fall-leag

For those who don't know, it's a competitive programming challenge where you create a webserver that plays a multiplayer version of the classic game "snake". It's a lot of fun and you can use whatever tech you want.

This season I'm working on a snake built with that builds a lookahead behavior tree to find the best move each turn. The snake's name? Stacy's Mamba

Upgraded my chip this weekend 💉

Body aches, but nothing too bad.

Factorio is coming to the switch next month. Pretty stoked

I've slowly been trying to transition off Gmail, but I feel like I chose the wrong place for my new home.

Protonmail is nice, but I absolutely hate working with the bridge locally. I was also a dummy and told people my pm.me email, not an address one of my domains...so moving to a new service is going to take work.

Has anyone used fastmail? I'm debating switching to that (with a custom domain so I'm not locked in again)

@proactiveservices but it will be so awesome when it's done...altho to REALLY be done right, it could use [one more level of yak shaving]

I think I'm going to use the long weekend to finally get into nixos + i3. Ubuntu has been getting on my nerves for the last few weeks and switching enables my procrastination on more important tasks.

@gruerproof oooh I need one of those nat 1 stickers, where did you get that?

@maxeddy niiice!

I got mine earlier this month and it's been surprisingly fun to play with.

In the effort to be (somewhat) competitive in fall league, I've decided to take the dive into AI algorithms. No more chains of IF statements for me!

At the moment I'm working on building out a minimax behavior tree, but I've yet to decide on a heuristic function.

Working in has really helped

Been pretty quiet on fediverse since I've been...outside a lot (gasp!)

Tilled and shovelled a few tons of dirt, laid down sod, just wrapping up putting in a patio.

It was a nice change of pace from working on a computer in my basement, but I really miss working on a computer in my basement.

I failed today and I failed yesterday, but I didn't fail the day before that and I might not fail tomorrow.

@xpil I thought it was so they know what they could a-fjord 😹

@tdarb there's not much to it, but my site comes in well under 1k: zstix.io

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