I have a bit of a warping problem...

Printing in a cool basement has some challenges.

Saw this on our walk home from the brewery.

Don't feed dat cat 😺

After a ton of struggles, the build is FINALLY done.

Turns out I had a bridge of solder under the microcontroller that I couldn't see and I had to remove everything to find it. It was a hassle, but I learned a lot and now I've got a nice 'lil minimalist split keyboard!

Oooh it works!

I've got roll data from our game feeding into ! I'll throw together a dashboard tomorrow with good stuff like # of nat20s/1s, damage done, etc.

I'm the meantime, here's a look at the d20 roll distribution from tonight's session.

Sneak peek of my biggest project to date: a dice tower for !

Three separate pieces and about 38ish hours to print (probably could have been faster). I'll show it off more once I've painted it.

Halfway done! Slow going, but the new split keyboard is coming together.

Corne with Kailh choc brown switches. Super low profile since my wrists don't like angling up and I dislike cluttering my desk with rests.

I'd be amazed if it actually works first try...the soldering work on this is a disaster.

Holy s#*t I hate these diodes. It's hard enough that they're surface mount, but the fact that they're cylinders means they roll all over the place.

My soldering skills are not good enough yet; this keyboard stands little chance of working 😭

Out of curiosity, I tried to a D&D mini. I don't have the right type of printer for it (resin printers seem to be better) and my subject isn't the best (so many overhangs) but I think it turned out semi-decent!

Gray = result from a several thousand dollar resin printer
White = result from my entry-level filament printer

I just 3d printed a silly little toy boat and now I feel like a god. Apparently this is the "hello world" of 3d printing.

Just got my badge for ! Excited to start tinkering with it and uncovering it's secrets.

Pulled a muscle in my neck / back. It's a great reminder that I work in a profession that's not kind to the body.

On the upside, it was an excuse to break out my split keyboard again! The position it requires is much more comfortable.

Working on some mural designs for our nursery. Here’s a few rough sketches.

He’s gonna be a nerd and I’m so excited for it 🤓

I feel like the youtube results for "suckless dwm" tells a funny story about this youtubers journey 😂

My fortune this evening. Pretty bold statement, especially considering what I ordered.

Finally got to go inside our local board game shop and they had these...such a cool idea!

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