Does anyone have a recommendation for where to buy a raspberry pi zero w (or something similar)? I'm looking for something cheap, with gpio pins, that can connect to wifi.

@zstix Unfortunately all of the RPis have been in super short supply for the last few months. I've been trying to buy a RPi zero w without success.

Check, this site automatically checks dozens of sites for in stock RPis.

Alternatives I know of are the Rock64 by and the mangoPi (China only for now), though I do not have experience with either of these devices.

@zstix not sure where you are at but if you have a Microcenter near you they have them in stock a lot of times. But they are usually in-store only. Won't ship them.

using OrangePI Zero Plus for over two years.

There are three versions: Zero, Zero Plus and Zero 2. Prices vary from 25 to 30 USD.

Purchased on Aliexpress. Here is the manufacturer page:

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