Seems like and have been talking about software licenses over the last few days.

Mastodon vs. Truth Social seems like a pretty straightforward discussion: some folks ignored the license and are going to get in trouble for it.

In Gemini space, it's a bit more nuanced. There's some good (and less good) conversation about the types of licenses people use and how that impacts the community.

I'd like to say I have a strong opinion, but I don't...I just want to build stuff.

To be clear I'm pretty decided on the mastodon thing 😂. The lack of opinion is about the Gemini discussions around license types and enforcement.

I do care about the topic and I have empathy for those who are expressing their thoughts on Gemini.

I just haven't been burned by this (yet) and I worry that the debate about it can sometimes distract from building software for people.

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