Oh Firefox...

I really want to continue to promote browsers (specifically, rendering engines) other than Chrome, but these address bar "features" are a step in the wrong direction.

@zstix what would be a better direction in ur opinion?

@joeligj12 I suppose librewolf is a decent alternative that sticks with the gecko rendering engine. At work I tend to use ungoogled chromium (gotta build against what most people use).

I've also been experimenting with surf by suckless and qutebrowser, but they both feel unpolished for daily use.

Here's a long writeup of some alternatives:

@zstix yes, librewolf is good for you and me, but just as we have to disable telemetry that we don't like. Normal users who have or want to use web technologies like netflix and such will have to disable limitations set by Librewolf.
I don't really think that firefox's telemetry is bad. And the new ad system is offline, it doesnt send keystrokes at all, more info in the subreddit, Most is done locally unless changed by the user. With this being opt-in, the rest of trouble is fine for me

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