I've been complaining a lot (and I'm about to again), but I'm still so happy to be a dad.

How do parents, especially those in tech, deal with back pain? I feel like I'm forever hunched forward, bending over, or carrying something heavy in a weird position.

I can feel the years of working with split ortholinear keyboards (and vim) being undone.

Still overjoyed, even if there's some pain and lack of sleep / coding. I wrote these toots with my newborn asleep on my chest and it was great.

@zstix You just have to get up and exercise periodically. Stand up, stretch, have a walk around. Have you seen those standing desks?

@TinBee I've got a standing desk, a decent chair, foot rest, and a split ergo keyboard. I feel like the work situation is dialed in, it's the baby situation I'm struggling with.

The exercise is a good call tho. I've been slacking on that for a few weeks. Thanks!

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