I know I should have used this two hour window for sleep, but I had to try out Diablo 2 Resurrected (on the switch).

So much nostalgia. I played hundreds of hours when the original D2+LOD came out and it's just as fun as I remember.

The graphics are nicer, but I wouldn't care either way. The game holds up just fine (even without the hand-holding that modern games do so often). The fact I can play on a handheld is really awesome too.

@zstix i may cave and get it just for the handheld aspect, really curious about how it feels

@funkyduck Gameplay feels fairly similar with one small improvement: you can have more than 2 skills assigned to buttons. The graphics boost is nice, especially with spell effects and town portals.

I still haven't figured out how to pull up the map (other than the overlay). Inventory management is also a little challenging. Pretty minor tho.

Overall my 2 hours with it have been really nice.

@zstix Really cool, I'll wait for the OpenDiablo2, at least for the time being :D

@person oh woah! I thought OpenDiablo2 was a FOSS joke when you mentioned it, but I finally got around to looking this up. That's so cool!

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