The size of the average web page (defined as the average page size of the 500,000 most popular websites) increased from 0.45 megabytes in 2010 to 1.7 megabytes in June 2018.

@darkstar I personally feel like 10kb is excessive. While it’s great that sites exist that are so small, it doesn’t give much room for manoeuvre, so the sites all end up looking pretty much the same.

I think 512kb is a good balance of being lightweight, yet providing enough space to make something unique and interesting.


@kev @zstix If you are interested in content in the form of text, 10k is more than enough. But for graphical content 10k can be too tight.

Personally I don't care much about website design, in the end, it is the content that is important.

@darkstar agree, content is important, but design is right behind it IMO.


@darkstar @kev @zstix you've seen 512kb club, you've seen 250kb club, you've seen 10kb club, but are you ready.. for 5kb club?

@metalune @darkstar @kev My "site" is only 4k, but I don't really have anything on it of value.

My company's docs site (which my team maintains) is a completely different story (something north of 5MB). I'm interested in finding ways to get the overall size down.

@metalune @darkstar @kev A bit pessimistic of me, our docs site is actually "only" 2.5 MB according to

@metalune @darkstar @kev hah and my personal site is 999 bytes. Maybe I should start a 😂

@metalune @kev @zstix my site is reported as 6.7 kb @ the 10k club, so won't comply :(

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