Pulled a muscle in my neck / back. It's a great reminder that I work in a profession that's not kind to the body.

On the upside, it was an excuse to break out my split keyboard again! The position it requires is much more comfortable.

@zstix This looks so clean and tidy!

I feel the pulled muscle, quite literally.

What's the stack on the right in the back?

@floppy Tarot cards. I'm not really into that sorta thing but it helps to have something to shuffle / fidget with during awkward zoom meetings.

@zstix Interesting choice for fidgeting! Might try that. And yes, Zoom fidgeting is a thing.

@zstix Once I read a somewhat scientific argument for Tarot cards. It went like this:

Randomness is sometimes part of scientific processes e.g. in random sampling in statistics or Monte Carlo methods. Like that, multiple drawings of Tarot cards can be used over time to "sample" thoughts on personal matters.

Not every sitting might provide deep insights, but at some point it might allow one to reflect in an interesting way that would not have been considered without the cards.

@floppy "allow one to reflect in an interesting way that would not have been considered without the cards."

Absolutely this. I like using them as a prompt to change my perspective on a problem.


I imagine if your camera is pointed sufficiently high, you could get a plain deck of cards, and deal out a game of solitaire during your meetings without anyone being the wiser.

I would think that split keyboard could easily be pushed to the side to lay out cards between the two sides.


@zstix Very cool inline keys you’ve got there. Have you noticed better ergonomics from not having the keys slanted like a traditional QWERTY keyboard? I think I read something about it being better for the wrist.

@bhibb Yes! They layout is called ortho-linear and I highly recommend it. It has really helped with wrist pain after a long day of typing.

My other board is a non-split board that came premade:

@zstix I ordered the Moonlander and it’ll be here on Monday! Wouldn’t have found it if not for your post. Hopefully I adjust quickly!

@bhibb nice!!! I've got an ergodox that I really like. I've got a coworker that uses a moon lander and they are a big fan.

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