Drinking this quality of red wine and I'd live happily ever after.

Based on a true story: being a 49 years old tech guy is the very same as being an 48 years old one.

Well yet again, more than 8 hours in a chair in front of the screen. Also, work - but sometimes fun.

Is there a way to get a Lobste.rs account?

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"when I'm too tired to care about merge conflicts..."


Played on 2021-04-12 with 3 players,

Now this is a fun deck-builder mixed with a race, great fun!

Played on 2021-03-25 with 2 players, winning score: 345

This is a new favorite of mine even though I'm usually not into bidding/auction games, but mixing it with set collection/tableau building makes this fun.

Won on 2021-03-21 with 2 players

This is a really fun racing deck-builder.

Won on 2021-03-13 with 3 players, winning score: 69

This was great fun engine-building & drafting game. Reminds me of Splendor & 7 wonders.

Won on 2021-03-07 with 3 players, winning score: 108

So I own the first version of Azul (and recommend that too as a family/strategy game, easy to learn), but this version has way more depth.

Played on 2021-03-06 with 3 players

Now this is a really fun co-op solitaire game.

So I was driving through Budapest, taking my daughter to her volleyball training, and suddenly, out of nowhere (playlist: some old favorites, with like 2000 songs) we've been surprised by Purple rain by Prince which I haven't heard in ages, and it was stunning.

End just learnt, that I cannot paste GIFs to toots :)

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So today my WSL1 Arch got broken due to glibc upgrade. My backup was tested successfully. Moved back to Virtualbox, but Manjaro i3 edition this time and it's great so far.

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