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Hi , I'm a particle looking for and investigating . This involves simulating millions of radioactive decays on clusters. Our detectors often use liquefied noble gases and , which can lead to (undesired, but) amazing phenomena such as the attached arc in liquid argon.

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Duo obfuscates HOTP to make its 2FA incompatible with every 2FA app but its own.

I've written a little about how it does so:

#standards #2fa #security

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Oh boy do I like this:

Hanging bats filmed upside-down look like they're all partying in a Goth night club

Also, I didn't expect such high sass levels in the kernel config 😂

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I did it 😎 It's actually super-well documented, much less scary than it sounds. Just requires some basic terminal skills and a reasonable amount of time. Highly recommend!

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DefCon hosted on discord, Fedora flock hosted on Hopin....

If you're focused on libre software then god damn use it

It's people presenting with macs on linux fests all over again

@e_mydata do you have some kind of maintenance or outage going on? I haven't been able to connect to ecloud for the entire day. First the server reported maintenance, now it seems to be down entirely:

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we would like to apologize to YouTube for past criticism

censorship typos are a common programming error

you go to add a new feature but you put a semicolon in the wrong place and *whoops* banned everyone critical of the CCP


YouTube confirms it’s accidentally been deleting comments containing two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party


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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

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Welcome #Fairphone3 to our range of #deGoogled phones!

This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!
@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone #privacy #smartphone #yourdataisyourdata

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Let's create a Regolith Mastodon community! If you use (or would like to use) Regolith Linux, please boost this toot to reach other Regolith users.

Reply with a comment of your choice and include the words "follow me". We will follow you because I think it's cool for a project account to follow all its users.

Thanks for sharing and spreading, 1.4 release is coming and it's awesome!

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Our Lifetime Account charity auction is back! We’re auctioning off three Lifetime Accounts to support NetBlocks,, and Web Foundation. Supporting an open Internet and environmental responsibility never felt so good. Learn all the details here:

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This is..... concerning. It has the potential to effect people beyond the borders of the United States, and I have a hard time thinking that impact will be a net positive.

"Congress warns tech companies: Take action on encryption, or we will - CNET"

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Why use TLS when you can use SSH?

* Usernames
* Transparent TCP tunneling
* No bloody X.509
* stderr
* Built-in file transfer and remote command facilities
* Multiple streams in one connection
* Interactive tools
* Hipster
* Has a port already
* Less NSA?


This guy created a worm for a sex toy. I'm stimulaneously fascinated and terrified.

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