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How the word 100 changed in the indo-europeic languages, I find this very fascinating.

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Washington Post (aka Jeff Bezos' blog) suggests that instead of taxing the weatlhy, we should tax charities and academic institutions:



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is one of the last bastions of . Alternative access routes: catch suspects by surprise w/disk unlocked, , , , push seeded updates to device.. Many alternatives. *But*.. w/out backdoors you can't mass scan all messengers. 🤔

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“In a rare, groundbreaking decision, Linux kernel project maintainers have imposed a ban on the University of Minnesota (UMN) from contributing to the open-source Linux project.

The move comes after a group of UMN researchers were caught submitting a series of malicious code commits, or patches that deliberately introduced security vulnerabilities in the official Linux codebase, as a part of their research activities.”


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Alright, the next time somebody tells you that they have to make "compromises" between ease-of-use and privacy, or that "a centralized approach helps us develop features faster" or any such bullshit, remember this:
Privacy and UX are not opposites. If somebody acts as if privacy were an afterthought, don’t use their products.
It’s as simple as that
#signal #mobilecoin #privacy

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On OpenSUSE for a week and already btrfs helped me to untangle the mess i just did. I love it.
I'll get addicted to this rollback feature.

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@lightweight @be

Kevin Spacey was in:
The Usual Suspects
American Beauty
LA Confidential

All very good films. He's still toxic as fuck.

Some folks can separate the art from the artist & acknowledge that the artist might possibly be a problem, but what they create can be seen in a different light. It's difficult. Some people can manage it.

I can't.

RMS contribution to computers / tech cannot be underestimated. What he created are all valient things. He's still toxic as fuck.

Pretty revealing seeing the FLOSS community split in half just because of a personality cult.

What that man has said and done can be debated (maybe ?), but the blind "us vs them" rethoric ressemble all other personality cult.

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is a pack.

Affinity contains symbols for many networking components, like databases, the outside network, communication technologies, servers, routers, adversaries, etc. All icons are in format, allowing for the icons to be scaled to any size.

Website 🔗️: github.com/ecceman/affinity

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Just discovered github.com/chubin/cheat.sh and i can't believed how useful this is.

I can just `curl cht.sh/language/search+terms` and the return is relevant, fast and i can just pipe it wherever i want.

This is awesome.

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