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As long as the people are real, friendship is real. Medium doesn't matters :blobcat: @weltsnake

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On All That Fuckery tinykat.cafe/on-all-that-fucke

Wtf is wrong w people? And they posted with their actual GitHub accounts wow

I adopted on android but I'm struggling to find a good privacy alternative on mac os. I got a tweaked Firefox but would like a second viable browser.

Any advices ?

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I remembered to check the modern guidance on accommodating people's names

before committing too far with a database schema that disrespects .

Now I can go to battle (again) to rip out the annoyingly persistent default person name `{'first_name', 'last_name'}` bullshit.

When are we going to have website frameworks drop that parochial crap, and set up our person model with `{'short_name', 'full_name'}` by default with no extra effort?

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A grocery store clerk had a heart attack and died on the job in a major city of Northeast Brazil. Managers walled off the body and covered it up with umbrellas so that they wouldn't have to close shop for the day. Indignity for sale.

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With all of the trouble is facing, it's important for everyone interested in an open web to understand their significance. See medium.com/young-coder/mozilla for a highlight.

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Mozilla / Firefox's reputation really is tanking isn't it?

Protectors of people's internet freedoms indeed.

Legitimising Surveillance Capitalism more like.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Firefox #Mozilla

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I'm going to regret asking this but... uh... what's your favourite programming language and hwhy?

(boosts welcome so I can find new cool people)

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In search of an #instance to call home -- #recommendations (and #boosts) appreciated!

This is very important to me:

#mutuality -- #humility, #dialogue, #learningfromeachother, #openmindedness, and #kindness.

This is also important:

#animalrights, #copyleft, #feminism, #libresoftware, #privacy, #socialism / #anarchism


(Please don't recommend self-hosting.)

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,,, #BelarusProtests

RT @ThomasVLinge@twitter.com

According to the official exit poll this is only 6,8% of #Belarus.

It's fair to say we just witnessed the most shameless case of electoral fraud in the modern history of #Europe

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> As of now, access to YouTube in #Belarus and transfer of media files in Telegram are interrupted, VPN services are blocked.


> #Belarus is in the midst of nation-scale internet disruption affecting fixed-line and cellular operators; chart shows progressive disconnection of various online platforms, with public DNS services first to go from midnight, then social media Chart with downwards trend


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Remember that crime is legal for rich people (this applies to your country as well)

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Hello, Zimza here. I'm an open source and privacy enthusiast hoping to find in the Fediverse a good alternative to the other awful social media platforms. Pleasure to be here. :ac_pleased:


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