I was pretty much given free reign to choose my tools after very little convincing. And I got positive feedback from our sales and marketing guy, who said he was sceptical at first about "using such niche technology", but ended up being impressed by the quick progress.

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Just three months after starting to conceptualize what we want to do, we just shipped the first version of our new project, "The Network". Here's a about how the tech stack helped us: dev.to/zilti/the-tech-to-go-fr

New day, more trouble for Google

"Google misled consumers to obtain their consent to expand the scope of personal information that Google could collect and combine about consumers’ internet activity, for use by Google, including for targeted advertising"


It is essential that software used in any part of the voting process be published free software. But additionally, while access and ease should be increased for all voters, the only acceptable voting system actually uses NO software: u.fsf.org/voting

"Google no longer providing original URL in AMP for image search results"

Time to share this one again before it's too late:

How to fight back against Google AMP markosaric.com/google-amp/

@mauiproject I looked at mauikit.org today. I tried to find out why I should use MAUI over Kirigami. But I found nothing. What functionality does it add over just using plain Kirigami? (Except for looking worse, it seems, though that is a subjective thing)


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