So... privacy. If I only harden my browser and some other things is it really worth it? Or should I just accept that there isn’t any privacy in this world of politicians that don’t care about their populations

40kg lost so far, it’s amazing how much less stuff I was capable of when I was heavier, I could barely even breathe let alone clean the house or contribute with manual labor. If anyone is struggling with being overweight and worried about the backlash from getting weight loss surgery, DON’T! It’s the best thing I ever did other than meeting my wife!

LineageOS vs iPhone for privacy? Currently have a 7plus and thinking about making the change across to Android. Any recommended devices?

So how do we add those little distro icons next to our name? I've found this video quite helpful. Is there any other recommendations for a fresh Manjaro install that have been overlooked?

Manjaro, what are people's thoughts on flagship vs community builds? Is there much difference in terms of support?

For those out there that have switched to Linux/FOSS for their primary OS and are gamers. How do you let go? I’m struggling to just admit that I won’t be playing the latest and greatest straight away but is there any mechanisms you have used to just not go back to windows? Should I pick up another hobby?


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