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Virtual Box is still the easiest to use VM software for Linux and that sucks.

libvirt has being a pain in the ass to learn and some of the tooling straight up doesn't work (at least on my system). I've also yet to get proper mouse support working or clipboard sharing.

Child spends $16K on Mom's iPad on micro-transactions in predatory games.

Apple refuses to refund the payments.

HN commenters blame the mother.

Presumably so that they don't have to reconsider their own predatory business tactics.

how do i add the ">" to my vim when the warping is disabled??? the left image is my vim and i want it to be like the right image...

Why is it so hard to find games I like? It super annoying.

Watch "The CIA is a terrorist organization", a video which is being censored and suppressed by YouTube and which caused the producer to be deliberately intimidated by the Department of Homeland Security for their "anti-american" sentiments

If you complained about the recent takedowns of youtube-dl or widevine-l3-decryptor, I would recommend you join me in celebrating International Day Against DRM!

Because this isn't anything new, it's only faced a little resurgence over the past month. Whether we like it or not, international law humors their arguments.

How about checking out some of my recommendations?
How about showing we don't need DRM or capitalists to fund & promote our entertainment?

Fedi Game 

Astrobotany is a simple text-based(also (very)simple graphics) gardening game that takes place in geminispace.
It has about 100 players.

You plant seeds and tend them and there's a message board. That's it!

It is _very_ slow-paced and is probably more social than anything else.

You will need a gemini browser(Castor, AV-98, Geminaut, etc) to play it. Your browser must support certificates.


Most of the people playing have a Mastodon/Pleroma presence.

#Gemini #Games

So 18% of the population of India organised the largest general strike in history. A quarter of a billion people. 3.2% of all living humans on planet Earth. And the English speaking world is mostly just... not paying attention?

is borked. It has a substantial memory leak and bad screen tearing problems.

Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

#mastodon #help

@sir after you shutdown your mastodon instance are you planning on leaving the fedi all together? If so, are you going to use something else instead? If not where are you moving?

anyone knows about a libre scripting tool for android? That would be neat (like ankulua but FLOSS)

So apparently I'm banned from 

I reviewed my comments to find out what might have caused it and my best guess is it's either because (A) I said that it's lazy to force git forge maintainers to add go-specific code rather than develop language-independent standards, or (B) I pointed out that git hosting is decentralized and adding "sourcehut support" by hardcoding is incorrect, and applies to other hosts like gitlab, gitea, github enterprise, cgit, etc.

Notably among my participation in that repository is donating CPU time on my $1,000 RISC-V board to help with the RISC-V port.

In conclusion, 🖕. If you want to participate in golang/go be sure not to point out that any of their engineers are working on solutions which are wrong when the right solution is much harder.

There are also a few FOSS projects written in Go I'd like to contribute to 😅

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