the four american genders:
-american boy
-american girl
-american idiot
-american pie

@Scarlet Spotifyd works great as far as I can tell but it has no UI, you have to control it from something else.

@Scarlet idk what distro your on but I get Spotify from the AUR. No snap required. Although, tbh, having Spotify sandbox might be a good idea. Though personally I'd prefer flatpak.

I think I'm going to try to turn a raspberry pi into Spotify appliance for my stereo. I have one laying around that I got from a job interview 2 years ago that I never took out of its box.

Gemini resources request 

I’m writing a blog post about Gemini. I am going to include the #accessibility benefits too but I’m having trouble finding the accessible clients I’ve downloaded, so can someone point me to accessible clients, with links, on desktop and mobile platforms for screen reader users that are casual users? Think non techie and non coders. Also must be screen reader compatible #gemini

@weirdwriter Other the other hand though. The consumer tech support industry seems to be a total mess, so maybe normies aren't usually getting support anyway 🤷. Idk it's complicated.

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@weirdwriter I think expecting volunteers to provide free tech support is unreasonable. But, that can leave users with no support, which isn't good either. Blinding pushing normies toward foss can be naive and leave users in a spot where no one will support them.

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@weirdwriter I caught your toot about foss and support before your other account got deleted and I just wanted to respond briefly:

I agree that foss can be somewhat hostile to non-technical users and that's something we should care about. I think at least part of the reason for the conflicting messages is that they're coming from different parts of the community.

So i somehow managed to get my own paragraph of research quoted in The Guardian but its wrongly attributed to a UK trans charity.

I have become the shadowy trans activist spin doctor, working from beyond the veil.

@yyp the library could use a little cleaning up. Maybe that's what I'll do next.

@yyp I'd never heard of that before, but it looks interesting. Poki Launcher is designed to support multiple UI front-ends. So, someone could write a front-end using that library.

Transphobia, Florida 

up in here like we need to look at kids genitals to "protect them". Shit's whacked yo!

@yyp I've not tested it but it should work on Wayland. I assume Qt5 works on Wayland.

I released a new version of my app launcher launcher, Poki Launcher! It now has optional integration.

Given @sir negative opinions of I find it pretty funny that rust is the second most popular tag on 😆

I'm floored, because DuoLingo launched a beta for Navajo!

It's honestly making me a little emotional, because my family never inherited our ancestral language. My grandfather's generation were taken from their families and forced into indian boarding schools where they beat you for practicing your culture.

Seeing an indigenous language preserved in a mainstream tool is incredible.

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