I'm working on a mirror of 's for . I have a preliminary version hosted here gemini://

@zethra I'm looking at the code and it is... scary. Maybe that's how Rust code should look like, for me it's overcomplicated ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@zethra That doesn't apply to gmi-crates alone. Stargzer's implementation is also pretty hard to follow.

And my main problem it the code is way too verbose. For example:

Yes, it checks everything (is it really worth it?) but there are some weird functions like path.is_normalized(). And one feature is still missing: relative URLs which are permitted by the spec, btw.

And also I still haven't found the entrypoint 😅

@yerinalexey relative URLs in what context? Requests have to be absolute URLs.

@zethra I realized that this just was a weird rant because Stargazer does more things. Sorry

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