I think what excites me about things like is that it's simple enough I can wrap my head around it and a nice community around it. Gemini will probably never "take over the world", and I question if that's even desirable. It's just fun to play with and I like seeing what people can do with it.

Also I'd like to thank @sir for introducing me to in the first place. You have a nack for finding or making cool stuff. 🤘

@zethra there are a lot of technologies that I really prefer to not be mainstream. :)

@zethra Now only if there was a Gemini browser for the Android...

@person there are several. I've tried Ariane and Deedum. Neither are published to fdroid or google lost item I checked but you can download apks for their repos.

@zethra I couldn't find Ariane tho Deedum is very nice, thanks!

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