I get frustrated when I see discussions among *developers* saying that Facebook shouldn't filter out certain content.

They already do! Every day. Every post they show you is fed through a biased algorithm. Facebook is far from neutral already.

They're banking on the fact that the average person (and congressperson for that matter) doesn't understand this.

Found this cool mushroom in our backyard! My dad says it grow in a day.


Don’t trust any company, even more if the boss is a multi millionaire fuck them

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I like freedom, I like free speech. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the people who talk about free speech are just complaining that people are mad at them for bad takes.

Does anyone have opinions on LBRY? I heard block chain and zoned out.

I made a video tutorial on using Linux's libc from Rust to lock files. Check it out! youtu.be/UgNrDb6hQQ0

I'm writing something to solve this problem. It comes in 3 parts.
1. Rust doc html to markdown converter
2. Markdown browser that can fallow links
3. Cargo sub-command to tie it all together

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It bugs me that there isn't a nice way, that I know of, to view Rust docs in the terminal.

The point I'm trying to make is that culture is a product of society, not genetics.

Being a part of a culture is an active process. You have to put some effort into it. Or maybe have it thrust upon you. Culture isn't in your blood, it's something you experience.

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My parents have told me that I'm a quarter Welsh because my grandmother's ancestors like ten generations back were Welsh. I don't speak Welsh, I know nothing about Welsh culture, and I've never been to Wales. But apparently I'm still Welsh somehow.

The words "cloud native" make me unreasonably angry.

Corporations aren't your friends. Don't forget it.

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Interesting thought: many FOSS projects' leadership are often a very ephemeral concept defined by the list of people who currently have a vested interest in the project being maintained. Contributors swing by when they need something changed, and the maintainers review it if and when they have the time and need. If a contributor sticks around, shows some competence and earns some trust, then it's an easy task to make them a maintainer. It's also very easy to quit being a maintainer, just stop doing it as it stops being in your interest to be involved. A maintainer often needn't actually be a contributor, too. And if a contributor comes by wanting to make some changes, but there are no maintainers, it's a simple matter to fork the repo - and as more people come by the project and find the fork, it gradually replaces the original project, and everyone is happy. Sometimes the original maintainers become contributors to the new project.

Some people view this as a sign that a project is on life support, but I think this is a very healthy lifecycle for a project. Many of my own projects exhibit this behavior. With sway & wlroots, I'm hardly involved at all these days, just making the rare executive decisions when they need making, but the project is still chugging along thanks to the work of those who still have a vested interest in improving it. scdoc is "done", but I still use it and want it to remain simple, so I review patches from the occasional contributor but write effective no new code for it myself. Sourcehut on the other hand is still 99% written by me, but receives frequent contributions from all kinds, and some subsystems are maintained by !me. And I have basically nothing to do with aerc today, but it's still receiving new features all the time.

Taking a very flexible, informal approach to governance has been pretty rewarding in my experience.

A coop owned patreon alternative with only 2.5 percent fee. Might be of interest ro @rek and @neauoire, and to everyone really


Do you want to work on free and open source software as a full-time job? People ask me all the time how to find companies who might hire you for this, and I share this command line snippet:

git log -n100000 --format="%ae" | cut -d@ -f2 | sort -u | less

This will produce a list of email domains who are committing in a given git repo, which often corresponds pretty closely with the list of companies willing to hire you to work on that project and others like it.

Cloudflare has issues and a large portion of the web is inaccessible. There seems to be an extremely simple solution here :thonking:

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