My local florists have gone around to our public parks and decorated them with fresh flowers that they had prepared for now-cancelled events

That migration was a nightmare. Finally resolved all issues after 5 hours.. for a 30 minute maintenance window.

This is a good headline

Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers

It would be nice if we could rotate out the old guard of free software oligarchs and replace them with a system based on broader consensus among equal peers

A stated design goal of is to never make you push weird commits just for the sake of the CI. That means using `git push -o skip-ci` instead of putting `[skip ci]` in your commit message, or letting you paste build manifests into the website to test them instead of pushing a bunch of test commits to see if your CI config works.

(Repeating comment from a thread with a locked participant)

git push -o skip-ci

^ now supported on

You can specify any other push options and they'll be forwarded to any webhooks you have configured, where you can use them for arbitrary behaviors

I hear the "you shouldn't have to learn how your engine works just to drive a car" argument often used to counter my insistence on learning git's internals to understand its externals.

My response: git is a tool for professionals. Racecar drivers should definitely understand how engines work. Amateur users of version control systems are using the undo and redo buttons in a Google Document. Git is a professional tool and if you're a professional then you have a professional obligation to learn your tools properly.

New code golf genre: speed coding

Who can implement a given program in the least amount of time under bizzare constraints

For my next trick, I'll be writing a C compiler in Powershell

Will you refuse to install an application because of the programming language it was written with?

- Yes
- Conditionally (Yes, but only if there is no binary available and I have to install the language's build tools)
- No
- Other conditions: please specify

Boosts appreciated, because I find the "boosts appreciated" trick working for other people and I figured I'd try once

@fakefred i'd also consider performance as a condition there - i have nothing against running any language but when your framework is resource hungry as hell (this is 100% an electron and somewhat a php and java subtoot) it makes me want to not

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