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I mark the passage of time by how often I think "computers were a mistake".

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I think what excites me about things like is that it's simple enough I can wrap my head around it and a nice community around it. Gemini will probably never "take over the world", and I question if that's even desirable. It's just fun to play with and I like seeing what people can do with it.

queer masto instances are actually just wildlife reserves

what you've been referring to as linux is actually linux linux with linux linux

selfie ec, boost if you're gay 

work attire, but it slightly gay and my mum think the short is too short

what does fedi think..? :thinkHappy:

selfie, no ec 

Finally going to the Ren Faire tomorrow and I tried on my outfit in full. We'll see if I'm brave enough to do the full makeup tomorrow 😅

It's time to

how do you pronounce "git"?

cryptocurrency is doing sooooo bad right now hehe 📉 (selfie boosts ok)

i lost all my hairbrush NFTs!! what a huge L

homophobic that the lobster emoji is categorized under food instead of animals >:(

base64/codec2-encoded voice message 

wN7CAQADAEhmYO10zFJMdNGsdcTejHeRnVVMVsBtMrx0xFa8cTPsdUze/Hpg33VMXuh3k+x3zV7c +WFdd03e3XLRTHXMVsx60iRVz/bFNbMQLu/W5vgyEXqf8vjzkxB+n/bWdNAQL+9+8XLgA3Xfftix 4Hx1zN7jeuDtVUTW3KEQ7HVM1uhZESRVxNbJNdFhXc/6/bZxETVMWfj3c8cnfF3+8TakI1Q+3P+1 RyEkevl2Fex1zfKmh1yO3N+Sz5iCI2RP8tb2diA1X9Lj/fADJlxS6fxwNXXMV/D3giBnfVL++bYg ZV3S9P02IGVf0tz2diA3zd7B+FABN13e2f4RP1VM3vR/0P51zNaoWmKtdc3ejFYT73XM1nZ8kbx1 zNb6f5HfVcxe1Hxh7VXM3v98Ec11zN5bfGLtVExe

lesbian pointing a crossbow at you 

this is going to be Me

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stop making free open source apps look + behave exactly like corporate apps challenge

Just bought the Solo Leveling Manga paper backs. So excited!

To all you users out there. My gemini server stargazer is basically done as far as I'm concerned. So I'm wondering if any of y'all can think of features or changes you might want to see in a Gemini server software.


Saturday night is movie night :Blobhaj:

Tonight I’m watching a classic!

#blahaj #blåhaj

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