Any DDNS service recommendations?


> Any DDNS service recommendations?

What do you need it to do? I went through a similar search a couple of months ago and couldn't find a service that checked all the price/freedom/privacy boxes I wanted—so I ended up writing my own. If your use-case is similarly simple, it might work for you

If I hadn't written my own, I probably would have gone with , but couldn't find enough info about it to feel really comfortable


It depends on what you need it for. If it is for simple A records, there is plenty of services like,, no-ip.


@selea @codesections I simply want to have access to my Pi running at home for simple stuff like nextcloud or to be a jump host to my build machine. I think it would be overkill for me to have a nextcloud server hosted somewhere or to have a build server hosted when I have some leftover machines anyway.


Well if you dont have a domain - you can join and get started. It is dead-easy :)
I've used it for 7 years until I made my own environment instead.


@selea @codesections I've considered having a domain but at the same time I wouldn't use it for pretty much anything... so thanks! I'll give a try.


Awesome :) It is awesome!

If you dont like it, you can get a subdomain on, I wrote a very simple bashscript that act as a ddns client too.

@zen3ger I've used for years, no complaints.

@zen3ger I use the one Namecheap includes with a domain name. I pay 99 cents a year for my domain.

@zen3ger can use curl for DDNS and use their NS hosting services

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