- what do you do for living?
- breathe?
- I mean for work.
- oh... I spend 7 hours thinking about meaningful variable names to then write 10 lines of code.

working on my stupid little cli music player... while it's far from being complete, at least it's "self hosted" - meaning it's usable enough to play music while I'm working on it. 🙃

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I've been rocking the pinebook pro since it arrived, and have to tell ya folks... double the ram, give it a backlight keyboard and it would be a perfect travel laptop.
Uptime is at 7:30 hours, 25% battery left and most of the day I was watching videos and reading pdfs and did some light scripting. My only complaint is KDE being unstable, I'll see if putting together a WM setup for this one makes things even more fun.

Pine64 guys and gals, arm64 linux devs thank you for all the hard work!

* wireless mouse occasionally lags
* accidentally pushes off it from the desk
* mouse starts working normally

Ah, modern technology is amazing. I wonder if I kick my PC the CPU usage becomes normal again...

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Try our app, it's exactly like our website down to the pixel except for how it accesses your contacts, location, microphone, pictures and camera and it's not always nagging you to try our app.

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Fediverse: "Google is a monopoly and should be broken up!"

Google: "It has come to our attention that certain apps are being used for hate speech"

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It's interesting how there are notable events buried in the source control history of a lot of software we use every day. Huge refactors, large merges and splits of codebases, filter-branches, places where lines have been drawn and a before & after exist. Large, coordinated events with tens or hundreds of participants. No one is documenting this history, aside from our tools dutifully keeping the record keeping. No one is interpreting these records or telling stories about these events.

* comes up with a nice project name
* checks if it's available on crates.io
* tries to be considerate and not take the name away with a dummy publish and instead works on the code first
* reaches a point where the functionality is not there but at least something that worth the name
* the project name was taken 3 days ago
* cries inside

My neighbor uses home office as a means of renovating his apartment during both office hours and weekends.

Meetings, coding - drilling as background noise...

Watching TV, reading a book - sqeeking sounds of pushing furniture left and right...

Alarm clock, who needs it??? - HAMMERING B#$@H!!! :ac_angry:

While I'm annoyed I'm also quite happy with the fact that sites that cannot be watched with adblockers are not "smart" enough to hide the content and wget-ing the page can be viewed fairly nicely.

git add alcohol/spirits/*
git vommit -m "blouaaahr"
git clean -dffx

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LLVM's newest target: Minecraft

Now... if someone would compile Minecraft for Minecraft, the simulation would go full circle and our universe implodes, right?!


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So I've often said that Google doesn't deserve credit for Go, and that Go is the product of a small number of language designers and derives from a history of system design which is external to Google. What Google has done with it since becoming its steward is, on the whole, more negative than positive. 

I can now hold up pkg.go.dev as more evidence of this fact. It's obviously a product of the dysfunctional Google corporate engineering culture rather than a product of the principles that underlie Go's design. The care and deliberacy which went into Go's engineering design choices is entirely absent from pkg.go.dev.

1. Was big old monolith born from Google's giant monorepo with no intentions of open sourcing until the community pressed the issue

2. Drops support for generating docs locally or hosting them off-site

3. Discussion hosted on a Slack channel

4. Hard-codes a list of centralized git hosts, despite being told that this is now how git works

5. Refuses to consider language-agnostic approaches to Go package hosting, instead forcing downstream git hosts to add Go-specific support

Basically, good engineering has been abandoned in favor of promoting Google's interests and a corporate, centralized view of the software ecosystem


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@Gargron a project with a thousand dependencies has a thousand liabilities

Binge watchers' law: by the time you get comfy you have to move to click on the next episode.

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The next version will be released soon and will introduce a new modern styling engine check: github.com/redox-os/orbtk.

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