For anyone wondering, it has now been pushed. We only had positive feedbacks (i.e. it doesn't make any problem for guide deletion usability) from testers, none negative. So off-canvas guides are now in and will be available in our next dev release: 2.99.6 ! 😃

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Wow giving you this link reminded me of this physical Frame with picture Acrylic painting titled "Wilber Offline, Autumn" which Aryeom Han did back in 2015.
It was auctioned at @lgm (money was donated to ). I wonder where this Wilber painting is nowadays… 🛅 Fun memories! 💭

By the way, we also made snap to guide, grid and path work off-canvas now (pushed last night).

Now that off-canvas viewing is possible (since 2.10.14), we are progressively making working off-canvas just as easy as in-canvas.

Our Wilber&Co. strip from back then:

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So we implemented the ability to position guides off-canvas in . Deleting a guide can still be done by dragging the guide off-viewport (though not off-canvas but within viewport).
We will test a bit this in production before pushing to main code.

When one of our Wilber & Co. comic strip is edited by a bug reporter to advertize their wanted change in . 🤣
We love it !

Would be fun if these become memes. CC by-sa licensed by the way, so feel free to have fun too with these comics ! 😉


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« 4 reasons to choose for and » 🐧🎨

Some good points among :
- High availability means high "productivity" (please read first)
- Open access is better for diversity
- Resolute format support is more inclusive
- Linux artists ()


Nice little README on plug-in development for (using advanced Python libraries and environment) **and** sandboxing. Sharing for everyone who wants to understand a bit more on how all these technologies interact with one another. 👍 />

For creators with : we just published a revision 3 of the build and so far, feedbacks are great (slowness issues nearly gone).


Thanks again a lot to Des McGuinness, our newer macOS contributor !

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Weekly recap: new releases of BlenderBIM , Shotcut, Surge, and liquidsfz, new features in GIMP , @darktable, @krita, @Blender, ArmorPaint, Olive:

Featured artwork by Gioele Muscolino, made with Blender and GIMP

Pour nos lectrices et lecteurs francophones, ici la traduction du compte-rendu de janvier en français grâce à notre fantastique contributeur Gillux, merci ! 😍👍

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Last animation report of , open animation produced with . Aryeom Han is talking about the stage after keyframing (she calls this stage "keyframing preview"). As usual a very interesting read for anyone interested in animation making :

Little throwback with this last monthly crowdfunding post for 2020 focusing on release 2.99.4 >

Still time to wish you all the best ! Happy 2021 everyone ! 💌 Thanks and other Free Software for existing. Let's continue our route together next year and for many years to come ! 💕

In introduction, please have a look at this (old but complete) presentation of the project :

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Hello people of Mastodon ! I'm so happy to be among you ! I'm a little marmot whose story will be told to you by Aryeom and Jehan with a lot of talent and great tools in addition to being libre !

More informations on
Support us on

Thank you in advance for your warm welcome ! 🤗


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