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I recently came to the realization that you can use basic reasoning and logic to disprove materialism. Of course, I'm not the first to figure this out, but I decided to write an article about my take on it anyway:

Chadtronic posted a video talking about the disabling of comments on his channel and some experiments that YouTube has been running on his channel. It seems that the disabling of comments on his channel is only temporary, thankfully. I guess this is some sort of PR move by YouTube to please advertisers. Well, it may be good PR to advertisers, but it's certainly been bad PR to the content creators.

As if individual videos being demonetized because of user comments wasn't bad enough, Chadtronic says that YouTube is disabling comments for his ENTIRE CHANNEL.

Well folks, it actually happened. Elon Musk hosted Meme Review. What a crazy world we live in. 😆

"With regard to the actions that we've taken, even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads (yellow icon). Let us know if you have any questions."

So now you have to manually moderate all your comments or just disable them entirely to ensure your video doesn't get demonetized? This deal is getting worse all the time.

is working on a browser extension that will add an uncensored comment section to every website. I think this is a very cool idea, and I think it would be neat if someone could create something similar for . (If this already exists, let me know.)

Of course, time will tell if this idea catches on, but I sure hope it will. I think it has lots of potential.

"Little Bird" by The Beach Boys sounds even better with the alternate backing track from the recent Wake the World copyright extension release! The horns add a lot to the already great track. In my opinion, they make it sound more like something out of SMiLE, which happens to be my favorite music album of all time.

PewDiePie brings free advertising and potentially tons of new players to . Roblox then bans him, not because of anything he did in-game, but because of his YouTube content. In my opinion, that's really stupid.

I recently came to the realization that you can use basic reasoning and logic to disprove materialism. Of course, I'm not the first to figure this out, but I decided to write an article about my take on it anyway:

I recently realized that I was subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels I was only barely interested in, and the videos from those channels were drowning out the ones from channels I really enjoyed in my subscription box.

I recommend taking a look through your subscriptions every now and then to clear out the ones you no longer care about. There is no reason to be subscribed if you aren't watching the videos!

Most YT channels constantly ask you to subscribe. (Including me.) But now I've realized: if someone really likes my content, they'll subscribe on their own.

Begging for subs tends to result in a lot of "empty subscribers" who don't watch most of your videos. I have 150 subscribers on one of my channels, but most videos only get about 20 views.

My point is: you should focus on getting active fans... not increasing your sub count. That way when you do get subscriptions, it means something.

Microsoft has just announced that they "intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop".

Pro: No more Windows-exclusive, proprietary browser engines.

Con: Firefox is now the only actively-developed browser that doesn't use the Blink engine or its relative, WebKit. Not much competition anymore.

✍️ I wrote an article on the new editor Gutenberg: what it is, the controversy surrounding it, and what I think of it.

I may write a follow-up a few weeks after the release... not sure, though.

If you don't like Gab... don't use Gab. Trying to shut it down just forces bad people into more tightly-knit groups that are harder to find and less-exposed to disagreeing opinion. It just creates more echo-filled chambers.

Legally, I think PayPal and Joylent are allowed to do this.

Both ethically and from a practical perspective, however, I think this was a stupid move.

I guess I'll think twice before using PayPal from now on... and I would never have used Joylent anyway. 😛

PayPal has banned Gab, and Gab's hosting provider, Joylent (owned by Samsung since 2016), has terminated their service.

Why? Because Gab tries to promote free speech, which of course includes bad speech.

Turns out the Pittsburgh shooter was a big user on Gab.

Now since those posts weren't censored, they actually can act as evidence against him and help find a motive.

So how is Gab at fault here? They're just doing what they claim to do.

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@chadmccullough "with the legacy exception of its Windows and desktop application code", but this sounds, so far, like great news.

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I want to make the switch away from to either or .
Any tips/advice for speeding up the process and making a smooth transition?
Also, opinions between the two alternatives, or another alternative I'm unaware of?

Read this:

Google shouldn't be removing sites from its search results for any non-legal reason. Free speech means everyone gets a voice, even if you only have bad things to say.

Because Google is in such a powerful position, they have the ability to drastically affect the ability of people to communicate their ideas. They do have a responsibility... to uphold free speech.

Deplatforming bad people may come from good intentions. But the road to Hell is paved with those.

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