Next milestone will probably be when I get to clean up sieve rules. That's records of literal decades in filtering. Maybe this year...

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I been dreading cleaning up my email contact list, but finally mustered bravery to go and do just that. Though Looks like over the years I been something right cause it only took 3 hours...

Rabbitmq announced streams core plugin. Don't know yet its inner workings but I do know I'm upgrading and using it immediately. And here I was thinking Kafka potentials ignoring all maintenance issues of the past...

Finally got some time tonight to do the new update to 21.04. Definitely excited to try the new shell and see how things have changed.

Every other day, I find more use cases for . Today, was making a simple converter from bitwarden to 1password

Checked to see what laptops available and turns out they completely sold out of every model. Chip shortage is sure to blame. Still, pretty darn amazing to see that from a Linux vendor.

What all this tells me is that I have to be patient till they make their custom laptops. If they are AMD capable, never buying another vendor again.

launched their custom keyboard. It looks okay, but the price is outrageous. Not to mention the switches they picked are like one of the cheapest you can get your hands on. Can't see this selling well.

It may be a small change, but going from Kailh BOX Red to Novelkeys BOX Cream switches on Atreus is looking to be quite satisfying to ears and innocent bystanders.

The more I use IM tools like slack and the rest, the more I appreciate email. There's something to say about having a way to message with full interop, regardless the client or email provider you use.

My next few days of house networking. Let's see if I don't get stuck between a wall somewhere...

Twitter adding payments to its service called super followers. Not going to lie, this would be kind of amazing feature to have in OSS communities. Like a dev/project? Chip in a few bucks to get access to content patreon style from that payment.

Ok. Don't know who's brilliant idea was it, but after updating shell from , ended up with desktop icons forced enabled and no way to disable. The workaround was making a fake package for `gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng` and installing that to get rid of desktop icons.

Couldn't just mask the package, disable on tweaks. Not even some unknown gsettings arcane setting somewhere could disable.

It's things like this that make me miss @opensuse and arch.

Still, what would make the ai code completer truly capacitive if they were also open source. Maybe not fully FOSS, but having the code available would help so many smaller text editors out there. It would also help considerably improve just normal usability when it comes to coding.

Thinking not just code completion, but script snippets or the shell itself. Something like fish, but on steroids.

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Just found out about kite, a competitor to tabnine . Looks promising, but right now has a very limited languages listing.

The power of tabnine is that it works on literally anything with text. You write elixir, erlang, lua, and anything else not top popular languages? Yeah tabnine got you covered.

If you can't think of a good way of implementing a particular feature without DDoSing the rest of the internet, don't ship that feature.

Throwing up your arms and saying "whelp, it can't be helped, I guess we'll just DDoS everyone!" is NOT advisable.

That moment you have 85 commits to review of your own code...


Getting a beer...

Honestly, each day, just gets slightly worse. Servo is hands down one of the most important projects they've had a hand in making. It literally spawned a new programming language , just to define the capabilities they were doing. It is also the base of so many considerable improvements to firefox. I'm happy it's out of Mozilla's hands, but now not even sure their Firefox browser will last.

Sort of out of habit, went to and wrote !srht for @sir's work to find some project. Sadly, it doesn't yet exist.

I have a keyword search already for this on my browser, but still. Went ahead and submitted the !bang.

Now to wait... Wished there was a way to submit patches to ddg directly for this...

1. Click link
2. It's
3. Close tab

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