Every day I miss a bit more. 😢 Today is whole lack of multiple heads in .

In mercurial, you can do anonymous branches. Think multiple heads not dependent on being latest. your can do this when you are doing random pet peeve tasks. Collect work in different heads. When you done, you merge them back into something of order with no conflict. 🤯

This is immensely powerful when you working on older revision to work on different ideas without effecting the main head.

The new is another proprietary garden. Owning and controlling your content in their social network.

Own your social network. Own your words. Move to .

Even when you in an instance not hosted by you, you can still migrate to others. You can carry your data with you. No company holds you here. It's you that are the sayer of what you do.

Don't let yourself be silence by what a company let's you do.

I really want to like , but the requirement of what SSO you use is so limiting.🤦 I'll stick to raw with generation using .

I know, authentication is hard. Yet, we shouldn't pretend and are the only ones that know how.

And now has their own ai code assistant called . I still think is better than this or . Especially with how many editor and languages supports.

Still, better competition in this space is good. I think it's possible with GPT-2 and some considerable , we could make an open source alternative.


The more I deal with the more I yearn for again. 😞

It's not like I don't understand the orchestrator. I very much do. Enough to have written my own scheduler 🕞 for it. But dammit do I hate how much you have to do to get the smallest goals done.

Meanwhile in nomad, you get to actually work on the job. 🤯 Not the orchestrator. Cluster management is almost nonexistent. Even self hosted.

Remind me again, how did fool everyone to use again? 🤔

I think once @bookwyrm has an api, there going to be an influx of instances popping up.

I did not know there was a single column 🛣️ view available in web ui. It feels weird not seeing the columns. Interesting enough, I can't really navigate by using j/k hotkeys. Yet I can with the multicolumn view 🙃.

Was a nice 30 second experiment. Going back...

Due to ease of installing , I been getting more single use apps📱.

Like the emoji search 😅 app smile. Giving a small improvement in quality of life for linux.


Got access to . Love typing out psql -h pg.neon.tech to log in to the database. Absolutely love it. Definitely going to need to learn how they did this. Makes it real easy to play with.

Still haven't the time spin up my own instance of neon, but will soon. I think this is exactly what the community needed to start doing fancy things on . All while not being gated by the big corps.


Today I found out about . A command runner replacement to .

Now hold on! Before you eyeroll it out, take a look.

A lot of alternatives fall down the trap of more complexity to make. does not. It focuses on being expressive as a command runner and only that. Using similar syntax to make. Enough so, you may end up hating make even more.


So after a few weeks now with , I can safely say I have become dependent on it. I now have to keep it open at all times to jot random stuff.

Just found out about apps with the new version of . Absolutely amazing. It's the packaged model for chat and completely offline.

Already thing of potentially have a you make into webxdc by packaging it to download for a chat to use.


"web apps shared in a chat" ... a new way to do web apps without platforms, coins or logins :) webxdc.org

the according Delta Chat announcement post has some more details: delta.chat/en/2022-06-14-webxd

Why the wasn't announced a few months back? It definitely would've been my preferred. Especially with @system76 being my distro of choice for years now.

Though all this goes out the water if say laptops came out with an variant. I wouldn't be able to resist that...

Though most likely has gobbled up any mailing list groups with its abilities. And that's precisely why mailing lists aren't as common as they were in the before times.

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Has anyone out there used ? Especially as an alternative to the Google groups.

It feels like a product with potential. Running a mailing list server can be a hurdle. Not to mention how many are still stuck with web ui from the 90s. Topicbox looks and feels reasonable for this age. And of course, email very much the core of its conversations.


Even with multi read replicas on . Your system most likely doesn't need strong consistency.

You can get by with having one writer. Publish events to some message broker. So the writer can do what it was destined to do.

Leaving the rest of the app to keep turning. Updating once the read replicas synced from those writes.

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Yeah... for read heavy, is now my preferred choice.

has changed my thinking on how to deal with such systems. Even with multiple replicas. You can get around by how you handle writes in such a system.

It's such intuitive pattern. Feels like next couple of years, n-tier apps are going to fundamentally change from alternatives like this.

Alright I finally got to plan out my month's todo. Got it down to 100~ tasks.

May sound like a lot, but that's everything mind dumped and categorized for doing in the month. Everything from shopping, building, finances etc.

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