Twitter adding payments to its service called super followers. Not going to lie, this would be kind of amazing feature to have in OSS communities. Like a dev/project? Chip in a few bucks to get access to content patreon style from that payment.

Ok. Don't know who's brilliant idea was it, but after updating shell from , ended up with desktop icons forced enabled and no way to disable. The workaround was making a fake package for `gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng` and installing that to get rid of desktop icons.

Couldn't just mask the package, disable on tweaks. Not even some unknown gsettings arcane setting somewhere could disable.

It's things like this that make me miss @opensuse and arch.

Still, what would make the ai code completer truly capacitive if they were also open source. Maybe not fully FOSS, but having the code available would help so many smaller text editors out there. It would also help considerably improve just normal usability when it comes to coding.

Thinking not just code completion, but script snippets or the shell itself. Something like fish, but on steroids.

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Just found out about kite, a competitor to tabnine . Looks promising, but right now has a very limited languages listing.

The power of tabnine is that it works on literally anything with text. You write elixir, erlang, lua, and anything else not top popular languages? Yeah tabnine got you covered.

If you can't think of a good way of implementing a particular feature without DDoSing the rest of the internet, don't ship that feature.

Throwing up your arms and saying "whelp, it can't be helped, I guess we'll just DDoS everyone!" is NOT advisable.

That moment you have 85 commits to review of your own code...


Getting a beer...

Honestly, each day, just gets slightly worse. Servo is hands down one of the most important projects they've had a hand in making. It literally spawned a new programming language , just to define the capabilities they were doing. It is also the base of so many considerable improvements to firefox. I'm happy it's out of Mozilla's hands, but now not even sure their Firefox browser will last.

Sort of out of habit, went to and wrote !srht for @sir's work to find some project. Sadly, it doesn't yet exist.

I have a keyword search already for this on my browser, but still. Went ahead and submitted the !bang.

Now to wait... Wished there was a way to submit patches to ddg directly for this...

1. Click link
2. It's
3. Close tab

Well this is nice. is having a sell, so to speak, on their offerings in celebration for their 15th anniversary. Now if only they had the 5600x ready for me, I'll be all on this. Still debating on lemur upgrade somehow...

In case somehow you been under a rock, will be free to register this year. Seriously, just get in. Even if you don't use aws at all, this conference is like a yearly status report of the bleeding edge tech in computing. Absorb what you can, cause it is almost certain you'll be able to use what you learn.

Not going to lie, I'm actually quite excited about 's M1 chips. Simply put, the ARM push is finally putting a fire on all pc manufacturers that focus on amd64. Your days are numbered. Improve and use or or . The options are available. Forget the amd64 architecture and help us improve the world.

I know , like no other language, yet I never had put two and two together of using it with erlang/elixir. Until now, that is. I'm totally doing this. Especially considering I was looking to use for a similar configuration reasons.

Pretty sure going to have to do a write up on this bleeding edge tech, just to describe how all of it even works together.

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So I been experimenting with an serverless model using lumen. Things are getting pretty interesting. Lumen as the BEAM interpretation really opens up avenues not normally available with the standard BEAM.

So the only problem I have with as an email provider is how powerful it is. Over the years, I've had so many custom domains and tooling built around it that don't something like consolidating domains is absolute daunting task. Still doing it, just realizing what over power can do. Next will then be my filters on fastmail... Maybe by next USA election I'll finish that one...

I don't care what anyone says, I think is worth the money for what they are providing.

Partially due to time I've spent in contracts just doing the type integrations they do, but for business logic. I know how difficult it is to do so consistently and with maintenence.

Plus, it looks like they getting some legwork over some much needed optimizations to make it actually stellar.

Alright this is wickedly cool project. Essentially an http handler with least privilege. The with http request and response handled by stdin and stdout. No extraneous permission necessary needed to process a response.

Some of the usability problems I encountered while making patch reviews on GitLab, Pagure, BitBucket, and Codeberg:

Pasting comments into the comment box overwrote them with not-what-I-wanted and I had to manually re-edit them. "Solved" by using the primary selection instead of the normal clipboard. Could not leave multiple comment threads on the same line of code. No obvious jump to file in the diff.

Every time I leave a comment on the diff it kicks me back to the summary page. Could not leave comments on some lines of code for some eldritch reason. git push hangs forever sometimes after it completes and I have to manually kill it and hope everything was pushed. Debug logging appears in the push output. New comments did not appear after the request completed unless I reloaded the page. No obvious jump to file in the diff.

Received no fewer than twelve 500 error pages while adding comments. No obvious jump to file in the diff. Could not start multiple comment threads on the same line of code.

Dear christ, please make it stop

All of the above:
Used JavaScript to change the experience in many different ways so that no consistent behavioral baseline was shared between them for most features, including basic text editing. UIs were univerally pretty goddamn slow (emperically verified by

I don't really understand why some people espouse these UIs as "more usable" than email. My experience is that all of them are a nightmare of unpredictable, buggy behavior.

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